Michal Shimoni, artist and art teacher,
facilitates on line courses
and teaches private workshops and seminars. 

‘Sacred Feminine workshop
‘Crackled Landscape’ E-Course
‘Painting the wise inner girl’- E-Course
‘How to teach teen to Self-Portraiture’- E-Course

Born in Israel 1960
Started her art education in high school and through
art academies in Israel and the US

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"Learning to facilitate "Teen Portraiture" with Michal Shimoni, was one of the most light hearted, and fulfilling experiences I've ever had"
Kathleen Brigidina
Artist, art teacher & Healer
"I was amazed to see the painting that came through me because I have never studied art. This painting fills my home with light & healing."
Tal Arnon


A 5 week painting immersion explore ways to reconnect with your primal knowing, enhance your paintings with gorgeous textures and embody the Priestess within through movement, color, ritual, fun and a lot of painting!


How to present a
simple and soulful method
of “self-portraiture”
with young people


Achieve stunning effects
which can be applied
to landscape,
portraiture and abstract work!


A joyful and healing
painting journey, reconnecting
with wise and playful child
that still remembers

I find I can’t force my muse to come so I wait,
but while I am waiting I can just ~play~if I feel like,
just playing with the colors,
not “painting”or anything serious like that 🙂

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For Inspiration & Updates Subscribe Here