"Teen Wisdom & Beauty"

Teen Self Portrait Facilitator Training

This deeply rewarding, 12 week training and certification course
is designed to assist teens in discovering how special and powerful
they are, especially as they prepare to step out into the world.
You will be guided how to present a simple and soulful method
of “self-portraiture” with young people, empowering them to
embrace their own unique beauty and vast wisdom.

What will you learn
  • A simple step by step method of how to paint a
    self-portrait with teens
  • Guided instruction to paint an ocean view landscape,
    with trees, and people on a beach
  • Various techniques, including basic acrylic color mixing
    and blending, attaining value, and perspective
  • Utilizing a projector with photographs and transparency
    tracing, we achieve realistic results
  • Proven methods of painting bright beautiful eyes, and lips
  • Effective ways to easily paint realistic hair
  • Simple shading of the face that anyone can do

What you will receive?
  • 17 + beautifully guided instructional videos.
  • Weekly Course lessons in PDF form, delivered to
    your inbox for 6 weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group, where you are invited to interact
    with your fellow student facilitators, and receive daily support and
    guidance from Michal
  • A certificate of completion of all steps
  • Listing on Facilitator page of Michal’s website
  • You will be guided and supported in teaching your own students
  • Monthly group calls with Michal
  • Personal feedback on your paintings
  • Full access to course videos and materials will
    be available for 6 months.

Who is this training for?

This course is for art teachers, artists, beginner artists, those
working with teens, as well as anyone wishing to learn new
skills and techniques just for fun and enrichment. I am calling
for women who are passionate about working with youth.

  • Do you have a heart for our youth?
  • Do you long to combine the joy of creativity with
    empowering confidence with young people?
  • Do you yearn to make a difference in the quality of
  • life for teens and inspire a better future?
  • Can you devote 2-3 hours a week engaging the
  • exciting studies offered?

Yes ?

If ‘YES’, you are warmly invited to join me in this  2017 training 
Please reserve your place in our
dedicated circle by writing to me and I will let
you know as soon as the dates are confirmed.

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Learn a Simple Method for Teaching Self Portraits With Teens
A facilitator on line course for art teachers, artists and anyone
who wishes to learn a new technic.
contribute to the younger generation
A three-month course in which we cover a simple painting technic
that will make it possible for everyone to paint and can

What will you learn

Basic acrylic colors Technics
Painting a self-portrait using a projector
Painting landscape
Ocean view with people on the beach

Learning to facilitate "Teen Portraiture" with Michal Shimoni,
was one of the most light hearted, and fulfilling experiences
I've ever had. Michal's simple spin on this skillful approach,
is gently accentuated by her naturally caring, and fun-loving
connection to our precious youth. It was truly my honor to
have such life affirming gifts, imparted to me by this deeply
inspiring and talented soul. I believe these teachings empower
our children as the bright promise of the future we all envision.
-Kathleen Brigidina

Kathleen Brigidina- Certified facilitator - Chicago

It is impossible to thoroughly express the joy and fulfillment
I experience as a "Teen Portraiture Facilitator".
My heart expands each time
I watch my students delightfully discover the beauty, truth,
wisdom, and infinite creative flow available inside themselves.
As their unique spirit comes shining through,
I am awed by the profound
realizations they find in Michal's course,
as I know they will be
cherished a lifetime. As a facilitator of this sacred work,
I am filled with enormous gratitude, and a
great sense of purpose
to empower and ignite a world of creatively
expressed children in this way.

Kathleen Brigidina  -www.brigidina.com
Email: art@brigidina.com Tel# 847-909-5142


Lea`s painting

Einel`s painting