Canvas G`iclee Print
2 canvases, each 30×30 cm.
Stretched on wooden bar, ready to hang.

A painting from 2008
Read the legend of the golden boy as told in an Amazonian tribe.


There’s a legend of The Golden Boy I heard about  from  a friend who met a guy from Columbia.
He’d been on a quest to learn more of life and friends said check out this tribe called the
Ingas in the Amazon – he went to the edge of the jungle in a small city,
didn’t know how to find them – – felt to ask a guy across the street and
turns out this guy was the Mayor’s son, was himself trying to learn more of life, he’d heard of the tribe and decided to take him.

They went 3 days down the Amazon then 3 more days hacking thru the jungle
to a small village. The mayor’s son left him and a friend and went back.
The villagers were slow to accept these two, but over a couple
months realized they were sincere.

This tribe knew how to travel the world on another plane and were aware
of the hustle-bustle cities full of pollution and of the chaos. They wanted
no part of it. On the huts were repeatedly figurines of a boy.


One night the village elder took these two into the jungle, lit a fire and sat down.
He told them The Legend of The Golden Boy, which the society revolved around.
The legend was in this time, there would be a Golden Boy and he would
change the world. If he ever touched you, you’d receive the best gift that anyone
ever received in the history of the world. This Golden Boy would fly, and there would be
people who flew with him – and increasingly they would become golden too.

This guy from Columbia was deeply inspired. He sat quiet for some time then heard an
inner voice say “The Golden Boy is here” and he felt a wave of such peace and
love and inspiration. He had to find The Golden Boy.

He did- so I have heard.