'Crackled Landscapes'

"...You opened my creativity with a key.....The class was so inspirational and informative.
And, the participant group was the most loving and supportive of any class I've ever taken..."

E-Course- Participants paintings

Create a beautiful crackled Landscape Painting!
  • Do you love the mystery and organic quality of cracked surfaces?
  • Do you wonder how to achieve an easy ‘encaustic look’ for your paintings?
  • Have you noticed how certain artists are able to build beautiful layers of depth
    and still maintain a fresh look to their work?

2017 e-course

Join me  for this exciting process working with
various mediums to achieve stunning effects which can be applied
to landscape, portraiture and abstract work!

This class includes:
  • 7 Step by step Demonstration Videos painting Landscapes with instruction
    focused on perspective, values, and light source
  • Printable PDF’S that you can keep for future reference
  • How to layer various mediums to infuse your work with amazing texture and depth
  •   Live Facebook classroom support with me 
  • Lifetime access to all course materials

Who is it for ?

Beginner artist & artists


  Sign Me Up! Tuition  $59
 Early Bird $47
You will receive your confirmation of registration,
and other course information within 24 hours.


Crackles Landscape allowed me to feel like a young girl with a new box of crayons.
Through this feeling, play was the cornerstone of my efforts.
The lessons were aplenty, and are ones I'll carry forward in my work.
Gratitude, Michal, to you and your support team.

-Chris Broers 

 Thank you Michal. I had a wonderful time here,
I appreciate your presence and the 
unique way you see each and every one of us.
 I think it's bigger than I conceive.
-Tamar Ronen Carmi

 I so thoroughly enjoyed this experience with you and all those who joined in!
Thank you for bringing your gifts, techniques, & crackle paste to us!  Such a delight !
 -Tamera Boyd Hays

 Your gentleness comes through and makes my heart sing.
Thank you for this class and I must loosen up and let the paint flow!
-Genora Willcox Powell

You opened my creativity with a key. I just want to explore everything without fear
or judgment. The class was so inspirational and informative.
And, the participant group was the most loving and supportive
of any class I've ever taken
Thank you so much!!!
-Chris Broers


Materials list

4 small canvases: approximately 12x12 or 8x10
GOLDEN brand crackle paste
GOLDEN  Soft gel - Gloss or semi-gloss (satin)
GOLDEN heavy gel - matte (For encaustic effect)
Assortment of Golden fluid acrylics paints - 
 Demonstration colors are blues, teal, greens,
quinacridone nickel azo gold, burnt orange and white
  In the US you can purchase these on line at www.dickblick.com
 To save cost, you can order in 1 oz sizes, but 4 oz. white is recommended
Pallet knife,Brushes, Flat rubber spatula (kitchen type) 
Spray bottle, Paper towels/
Additional canvases to play with
Acrylic Glazing liquid (this extends the drying time)
GOLDEN molding paste